Help me to help you

Sadly, my journey in ECMP 355 is coming to its close. I have loved every moment, every lesson and every resource shared over the course of this semester. I have worked hard on building my digital identity, posting things I am passionate about, and finally helping out my fellow classmates. I am known as a silent helper because I prefer to read and only comment if I feel I have something of value to add. I try to help during the class by responding to questions and helping clarify some topics via chat on zoom. I also try to comment on blogs, retweet classmate’s posts and follow them on twitter. I know that each comment and like I receive has helped me to improve and to learn. I wish I had been able to help more on the google plus community but never knew the anwsers, the few times I did the person already had the anwser before I was able. I am glad I had the chance to help my classmates and support them through this class. I know some people struggled with certain things but my classmates were always willing to offer support and guidance. I personally made a padlet hoping my classmates would add something that represented how they felt about technology around the halfway point of the class.

Made with Padlet

I was saddened when I only had two responders to this padlet in addition to myself. I also tried to build personal relationships with the students. I started with Tanya. We met to make a vegan pizza and I made a post describing the incredible experience we had. I loved having the chance to put a face to the name on my computer screen during out zoom meetings. We had a chance to discuss our experiences in the class and to help expand our PLN (professional learning network).

My next attempt was attempting to work with Fallan as a partner for the summary of learning. I chose Fallan because she was in Regina and we had taken the same KHS class the year before. This was sadly a failed attempt but it was worth trying. I love the idea of our classmates working together to help each other grow. I would have loved to take this class during the year where we would have had more time to meet more people and make more of a small community. Thankfully all the students stayed active on google plus, chats and blogs as well as social media. This was a great experience and I hope our classmates stay connected.

contributions images are also available here.

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