Tanya and I make a peach pizza!

So up until now I have been trying new things for myself, stuff that I would want to eat at home. Myself and Tanya decided to meet and make a dish together. She and I are both in the same class, have similar learning projects (she is doing vegan cooking) and we happen to live quite close to each other. She also poster a blog post, check it out! She responded to one of my learning project posts suggesting we make a pizza together, so I took her up on that great offer.Screenshot_2017-06-15-20-03-37

One of the things that made it hard for me to say yes at first was the fear of veganism. I used to be a vegetarian, for about 4 years.I became a lacto-vegetarian because I hated the way animals were treated, especially on the larger farms. I gave up on this endeavor for many reasons; it became very expensive as a single independent student, it was time-consuming to make meals, it was incredibly difficult to get the right nutrients and vitamins and I am an extremely picky eater. I used to be allergic to strawberries (recently tested one and it was delicious, I was missing out on a red slice of heaven). I still have other particularities like my dislike for mushrooms, peppers and many other foods (trust me the list is too long, ask anyone who has had to cook for me).  Long story short I had a few drinks at Victoria’s tavern and the birthday boy ordered a meat platter,      I stood no chance.meat plank

When Tanya and I began communicating to plan our meal she told me about her homemade vegan mozzarella. I was personally scared of how it would taste, spoiler alert, it was actually pretty good. I began searching Pinterest to find a recipe that I would eat and that looked good. I came across many pizzas; my go-to was the margarita. I was intrigued however by the fruit pizzas. The first one that got me on that tangent was a blackberry pizza, but I decided to share a peach and basil pizza with her. The first one was a little too extravagant with three cheeses and prosciutto, so I found a simpler one upon which we agreed. We set a date, time and made a grocery plan.

When I arrived she was so kind, and I got to meet her family. We then started preparing for the meal when we realized we forgot the fresh basil. We went to the store, which was conveniently close. Weirdly enough they did not have any fresh basil with the other herbs, it was in an odd container. We took it back with us and began making the pizza.20170607_182903

To make the pizza we preheated the oven, put the olive oil on the pizza dough, added the mozzarella and peaches and then put it in the oven. 10 minutes later we removed it, added the basil and the reduction and voila! We had a pizza pie. 20170607_184714The pizza wasn’t bad, I may not make it again but it was sweet and mild at the same time. The pizza was cool, but it was also neat to put a face to one of my webcam classmates. Side note we also made a video of some of the experience, so check it out! Next week I am going to try and make my own recipe, it will be something simple but all my own!

4 thoughts on “Tanya and I make a peach pizza!

  1. Kymber, I had a great time, too. It is a good thing to meet up, when possible, with internet connections. It was very fortunate we live so close. I appreciated you suggesting working together on the pizza. It was a blast. I am glad you liked the mozzarella cheese I made.

    I loved the pizza and will be making it again. Blackberries on pizza sounds really good. Thank you for introducing me to fruit on savoury pizzas.

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