Padlet; a simple and usefull tool

So, lets talk about Padlet. Padlet is this amazing site that lets you create this page. You can choose the background and the template for how the posts will be organized and placed on the page. You can choose the setting for who can post and how, you choose who can see the page, and it is pretty much instantaneous. I love how this class (ECMP 355) used the site to post a selfie with five hashtags to describe ourselves. It is a fantastic way for people to introduce yourselves or share images in a community before you meet. It is also great because you can make it so just the class can see the page and you can post what your learning. I personally took on a challenge, I wanted to see how many responses I could get in one day on a padlet. I posted on my class’ google plus community, my fakebook and my twitter. So far, I have three (including my own) but I feel over time it will grow. I wanted to focus it on the focus of my class by asking people to post a photo explaining how you feel about tech and education.

Made with Padlet

I posted a picture I feel explains my mentality to a tee. I keep learning about technology, I may not like what I am learning as I only see the possibilities for misuse. Thankfully this class is opening me up to more positive ways to use it and I am slowly growing to appreciate it more. Padlet was just one thing that stuck with me from the beginning and here are 10 reasons why;2017-06-05 (2)

  1. The easy setup
  2. 2017-06-05 (3)

    The privacy options

  3. Having everything on one page at one time
  4. Choosing how it looks and the order
  5. Being able to delete posts
  6. That you can print the page
  7. That you can post a video, photo, text or audio
  8. That you can share it on many platforms
  9. Great for parents to see what your doing in class2017-06-05
  10. For kids to show that they are working on a project or share their progress from home

After all is said and done I am sure there are many resources like padlet that may even be better, but for someone like me who is not the most tech savvy, it is easy to use and very functional. There are even ways to get more services if you pay, but being a student I didn’t delve into that side of it but here are the services you can get for a school account:

  1. User management and access control
  2. More privacy
  3. Extra security
  4. Branding
  5. School-wide activity monitoring
  6. Bigger file uploads
  7. Controlled environment
  8. Delightful support
  9. Lots of love
  10. Student reports and portfolios
  11. Google apps integration
  12. Analytics (coming soon)
  13. Content filtering (coming soon)

So basically, the prices are: 12 dollars (US) a month or 99 dollars (US) a year for one teacher or 1499 dollars (US) a year for unlimited teacher and student accounts. The prices seem quite manageable, in my naive opinion.  There is also a similar plan for business’. I can’t think of all the possibilities for a school to use this service. Padlet is a great way to share things, almost like twitter but not. Twitter is more public and infinite, padlet is more simple, private and limited. I definitely think its something I would like to use as an addition to a class blog. I feel if used with a blog, it would be a great progress tracker for larger projects that require more effort outside the classroom.

2 thoughts on “Padlet; a simple and usefull tool

  1. I love that you give Padlet a 4 and some star rating right off the hop. It was fun thinking about the question you posed a few days ago on our Google+ community so that we had the chance to contribute. I am sorry that more of our classmates did not take up the challenge. Oh well.

    What a surprise to see a blog written up about this. Great for thought and creativity.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.


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