First attempt was not a complete failure!

For my learning project I have chosen to learn how to cook. As previously established, I am not the best cook. I can follow a recipe and have a few go-to’s when it comes to cooking like soup or shepherds pie. I decided to use Pinterest recipes and put my own little twist on some of them. My first attempt was a honey lemon chicken with asparagus and a hassleback potato. When making the recipe I had to half all the ingredients and also alter the amount of sauce I made.


The chicken took longer to cook than expected and also never got “golden” but I sure tasted good. And the potatoes turned out amazing I think I have found a new favorite!


Although the whole process took a lot longer than take-out would have I enjoyed taking the time to make the food myself. After it was all said and done the food was delicious and I learned quite a few techniques that should help me in my next cooking experiment. Stay tuned to see what my next recipes will be! The recipes are all available on my Pinterest page if interested please go to my pintrest page.

12 thoughts on “First attempt was not a complete failure!

  1. When you cook chicken in a liquid in the oven and if its covered it doesn’t tend to brown. 2 things you can do to solve that problem if it really bothers you, you can either brown the chicken in a frying pan first and then proceed with putting it in the oven or you can take the cover off for the last 10-15 minutes and it will brown.

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