Shaking things up

For my second learning project challenge I decided to try my hand on the barbeque. I have never once cooked on a barbeque and have honestly it was a little intimidating at first. My sister came in to visit me so I made some steaks, corn on the cob and baby potatoes to celebrate with everyone. I had to overcome a few problems with this post as the barbeque didn’t want to work and I had no idea how to properly cook the steaks to everyone’s liking (thankfully they were all medium-rare). Another challenge with the steaks was that there were three different cuts of meat which each required a different cook-time.  My friends were all super helpful when I didn’t know what to do, be that with the corn or the steaks. The potatoes were definitely the easiest part of the meal.


This experience was frightening and exciting all at the same time. I must say that the steaks were cooked to perfection and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends and sister. This learning project started out daunting, but as it turn out I am almost considering throwing out my take-out drawer to try and cook more for myself, but that is still TBD.  Next time I am going to tackle a slightly bigger meal, possibly adding a dessert.

13 thoughts on “Shaking things up

  1. Kymber,
    That meal looks amazing! I think it’s really cool that this is what you chose to do for your learning project! I agree that barbecue’s are intimidating, which is why I never go near mine. So good for you showing the barbecue who’s boss! I’m excited to see what you cook next week!

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  2. Cooking is such an important skill that seems to be lost in today’s world with everyone being so busy all of the time. Trust me, I get it, I am almost always gone over 12 hours a day! When you get the hang of it, I find pre-making my meals is the best thing for me when I am crazy busy. I make things like stuffed peppers, home made pizza pops, pizza roll-ups, turkey chili, healthy sheppards pie, chicken pot pies and so much more. If it is too daunting to do it all in a day or two then I try to just make double of whatever I am making for supper (if it’s freezable) and then freeze portions for later.


  3. Awesome elarning project! The BBQ is sucha challenge to cook on…I usually end up drying all the meat out! Your steaks look amazing so you must be doing something right!


  4. This is such a cool learning project! Barbequing is also something that I have no experience with but would love to learn. Your food looks delicious. Did you use a marinade on your steaks?


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