My heart will go on and so will the cooking

As I write this final post for my ECMP 355 course I am becoming quite sad. I truly enjoyed this class for a few reasons: there was a great teacher, the subject area was of great interest and use to me, and finally that I got to take time to learn something I have learned to love.800px-Food_with_love.jpg

Before this class I was a classic student; I ate a lot of ramen and kraft dinner and as a server I also ate a lot of food from work. When I would cook it was extremely simple and I followed a recipe quite strictly. I have enjoyed baking for a long time; when baking you must follow the recipe diligently to receive a perfect product.


Over the course of this semester, on top of learning more about technology and education, I learned how to cook proper meals. This was quite the undertaking as I tend to be broke most of the time and don’t have a lot of spare time. I believed that cooking well meant you needed the best ingredients and that it would involve slaving away in a kitchen all day. I was so pleased when my first cooking endeavor took less than two hours. My first post was lemon honey chicken and asparagus and hassle back potatoes. This was a delicious meal that was not overly expensive and tasted very good. I then followed it with my barbeque challenge. Later on, I tried pan-frying a marinated steak with a broccoli cheddar twice baked potato. My next endeavor involved collaborating with a fellow classmate, Tanya. She and I made a peach and basil pizza vegan style; her learnnig project was to learn how to cook vegan. Each of these required less than 50 dollars, gave me two servings and was delicious.

I loved using Pinterest to find new exciting things to cook. At this point I began to feel more comfortable in the kitchen, I started stocking up on groceries and cooking more often for myself. I even made my own homemade hamburger helper, it was quite good to be honest, but needed more cheese. My last two posts were focused on creating casserole-like meals which I could portion and use for lunches for more time. Part of my reasoning for choosing cooking was so I would feel more comfortable, but also so I would start eating better food and taking better care of myself. Learning to make the cottage pie and the lasagna were two of my biggest cooking accomplishments thus far. I learned how to make bulk meals that tasted good, were broke student friendly and would last a long time. I am so glad I was able to take this time to learn the art of cooking so I might continue on my own. I will continue to use Pinterest and hopefully keep updating my blog so you can continue to follow my journey as I attempt to further my love and skills in the art of cooking.




Shaking things up

For my second learning project challenge I decided to try my hand on the barbeque. I have never once cooked on a barbeque and have honestly it was a little intimidating at first. My sister came in to visit me so I made some steaks, corn on the cob and baby potatoes to celebrate with everyone. I had to overcome a few problems with this post as the barbeque didn’t want to work and I had no idea how to properly cook the steaks to everyone’s liking (thankfully they were all medium-rare). Another challenge with the steaks was that there were three different cuts of meat which each required a different cook-time.  My friends were all super helpful when I didn’t know what to do, be that with the corn or the steaks. The potatoes were definitely the easiest part of the meal.


This experience was frightening and exciting all at the same time. I must say that the steaks were cooked to perfection and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends and sister. This learning project started out daunting, but as it turn out I am almost considering throwing out my take-out drawer to try and cook more for myself, but that is still TBD.  Next time I am going to tackle a slightly bigger meal, possibly adding a dessert.