I’m a cybersleuth; Sorry Molly this one is for you!

So, for this weekly post I have been tasked with cybersleuthing/cyberstalking a willing volunteer, thankfully miss Molly Yungmann offered herself as tribute. I decided just to use google for this one as it tends to give me the results I need. Also, because google keeps tabs of things I have searched so it knows I want the molly from the University of Regina who is also taking my ECMP355 course. So, the first results were all from sport websites as Molly has been involved in sports and athletic since she was a young girl. She is a pentathlete for the Regina cougars. She was born in the small community of St. Gregor in Saskatchewan in 1998. She is the oldest of three children and went to a small school with 8 students at her age level at Anaheim school.

11378118She is currently a first-year student at the university of Regina studying secondary math education as well as inclusive education. She claims to be very passionate about working with kids, which is seen through her coaching of younger groups of children and her blogs about me section. A bunch of her scores and results for sporting events are also tagged to her as well as many nice images. I also found her on Instagram (private account), WordPress, Twitter and Snapchat as mollymyoungmann. I was surprised to be unable to find her on Facebook, that sneaky girl. All in all, I think she has a very professional and active online life. I enjoyed the experience of stalking her, although I felt kind of creepy. However, she volunteered as tribute and lucky for her, her privacy setting and the odds were definitely in her favor on this one.

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