Youtube; a mixed point of view

For my class we were asked to watch at least the first 15 minutes of An anthropological introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch. I will start by saying I watched the whole thing. I then decided to watch his ted talk. I cannot emphasize enough how great I found his ideas, his approach and his romantic idea of how YouTube could be used as a great tool. I agree to an extent, YouTube can be used to build a community, to enjoy life and to share beautiful, funny and special moment not only with your friends and family, but with the world. But for me this is where a big problem lies, what you post on YouTube is seen by anyone with access to internet. It can be saved, remade and reposted. In some cases, this is a big problem like for young girls who post a video where they are being themselves and it can be turned into something to demean them and can cause harm to the original poster. This link leads to a video where youtubers share comments left on their posts as an anti-bullying campaign. There are many instances where people regret posting things due to unnecessary comments, and in some severe cases it has lead to depression and even suicide.


watch this video to learn more:

On the other hand, YouTube can be used as a great tool for education, work and personal use. I loved the part in this video where they show the numa numa song done from many people all around the world. It can be a fantastic way to connect people and to share the joys of life. I truly wish this was the only way YouTube was used because then I’m sure it would be one of the best resources out there to share videos and information in a fun environment. You could make a video for your own class that goes with what your teaching, and when its posted other teachers could also use the video if they discuss the same topic. It is a great sharing network, especially for educators.  I personally love watching funny cat videos, the Charlie bit me and so on. When I need something to brighten my day YouTube never fails me. And what Michael focused on in his study was the good side where people come together as a community and help each other grow and express themselves. He looks at all the possibility and the endless potential for greatness. I personally take the good with the bad, YouTube is a great source but in my opinion, it could be improved with better comment moderation and a better support system to stop any cyber bullying which may be enabled by this site. If these changes were made this could be the start of unbelievable growth especially for the younger generations. New idea of community and the never-ending opportunity is a great idea and the benefits in the school would be endless. The school systems have been slowly integrating the into the classrooms, but need to do it slowly so everyone knows how to properly use it. Tech can be a very powerful tool, especially in the right hands; those of people who understand and appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Youtube; a mixed point of view

  1. Very thoughtful post. We never know a person’s vulnerable spot until it is hit with unkind words, thoughtlessness, and/or attacks. What one person is able to brush off their shoulders another is deeply affected. Sometimes leaving a lifelong scar.

    The harm has already been inflicted once the receiver views/reads negative responses to what they have posted to a community they would like to believe is equitable and inclusive. Deleting comments by the poster is their only defence to protect themselves from further harm. However, others who have read/seen the negativity might start defending the poster, which, in turn, offers the negative poster attention as he defends what he has said. It is a vicious circle.

    When posting we must be respectful of one another so that the cyber world does not denigrate into the bowels of inhumanity.

    Are we aware of any negative communication we put out there before we hit the enter button?



  2. Kymber, the comment section on YouTube poses as a threat and vulnerability to those who post videos yes. Looking through comments on any given video, some of the comments can get nasty.

    I agree that YouTube should work on comment moderation. While I’m sure it might involve a fair amount of work, I’m sure there is a way!


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