Another platform that is important for the ECMP 355 class is twitter. I am personally not a fan of twitter at all. I used to have an account but I deleted it years ago and had to make a new one specifically for this course. I understand the possible benefits of twitter such as creating a community of supporters, following people with similar interests who can help you develop certain topics and also that it is accessible from anywhere in the world which means infinite possibilities as far as possible users to follow and learn from. However, I feel twitter isn’t the best platform to do this. I love blogs, where every post is though out and informative and longer than 140 characters. With twitter it is more of a back and forth platform that a one stop shop.  Twitter could be useful for everyone to share their ideas quickly all in one spot for a class, such as with saskedchat for educators. But for me I feel there are better places than twitter to get a bunch of ideas together like padlet. I was not a fan of the saskedchat because it was all so quick and the posts wouldn’t load fast enough for me to see all the tweets. I felt very lost and confused, and if an adult can feel that way, imagine a young student trying to do the same thing. The nice thing about padlet is it was all visible on one screen. Another thing I disliked was the limit on words. I continuously had to rewrite things to make it fit in the box and it not only changed my idea but it also made me miss questions. I love the idea of saskedchat, to have a bunch of educators sharing their ideas on education. But I do not like twitter!

One thought on “tw-tw-tw-twitter

  1. I think the idea of a chat is the interplay of many in real time. I focused on what I could and let the rest roll past me. I hope that you re-consider your stance on Twitter. It can be a place of growth and opportunity for us as future educators.


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