Exploring the world of feedly

So as part of my ECMP 355 course we are asked to create a feedly in order to follow others blogs all on one platform. I personally think this is a great tool for some people who want to follow multiple blogs and have all the posts in the same place. I personally don’t love the site as much for my own use. I prefer following one or two blogs whose writers really speak to me and who I would want to comment and have a conversation to further develop their ideas.  I did however find some very interesting blogs by searching keywords that I find important such as; edtech, education and French. I would love to keep up with blogs such as Mindshift and French Language Blog. I am in school to teach French so the second blog is perfect for me to keep up with the modern slang and language, to keep up with the French trends and to show my future student that French is not a dead language.2017-05-22 (4)

The mindshift blog is a great education blog that talks about developing empathy and a sense of purpose as well as tips for educators in general. I love the posts on the mindshift blog and I think that their posts are incredibly insightful.

2017-05-22 (3)

All in all I do enjoy the feedly platform and will continue to use it to follow the blogs I enjoy and feel would help me become a better education and a more informed digital citizen.

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