Exploring technology to realize my dream

My name, for those of you who don’t know, is Kymber Zahar. I am currently entering my fourth year in Le bac. Le bac is an education program that helps young future educators take classes in French. This helps the students because they will have to teach the materials in French so this gives them the terminology in the right language. It also allows the professors to share resources in both French and English to help in the future. Teaching in French has always been my dream, but it can be quite difficult with this lack of funding and proper/modern resources. This course will give me a chance to find resources to help me realize my dream. Thankfully my program is quite small so the other people in my year all work together to create a great Fransaskois community at Le bac. This community became even closer when we all took a year to go to L’univeristé Laval in Quebec. We were all far from our loved ones so we became a small family ourselves. We explored the city, culture, and nightlife together as well as shared meals, such as the thanksgiving potluck which you can see below.

ulaval thankgiving

The ECMP355 course which is also known as introduction to computers in the classroom is exactly what I need in order to find new and fun ways to teach. This course will allow me to explore the internet for resources, create a community of educators to help me, and to find websites that I can use in my future classroom to connect not only with students but also with the parents. I love the idea of creating and maintaining a blog I could later use to share what my class will be doing so other teachers can contribute and appreciate my approach.

I had previously started this blog for my ECS 210 course but other than that am not exactly “TECH SAVY”. I will admit to loving the idea of blogging but am a little less keen when it comes to maintaining my blog and continuing to post after the course was done. I use Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest, but had to create a twitter for my ECMP 355 course. To follow more on my journey through educational technology you can follow me on twitter at @kymberzahar.

One thought on “Exploring technology to realize my dream

  1. Kymber, sounds like you had fun at L’univeristé Laval in Quebec. Nice to see little communities as a part of our whole selves. Welcome to our community ECMP 355. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts as we progress.

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