The “good” student and Our Racist mindsets

Lets try to think about what would be considered a “good” student. Lets now be honest, you saw a young white girl sitting quietly in her desk. Did she have a book in her hand? Was she talking or looking around? now lets think about our expectation of this “good” girl; she did her homework, she is organized and clean, she is happy and asks questions when appropriate.


Now this may not be the “good” student to everyone but the majority of people would agree that this is a “good student” without thinking, its almost like it’s common sense or a stereotype. This is because the schools are meant to help the middle class  white student succeed, the students who represent the “majority”. These are racist, unfair and stereotypical statements. Lets now touch on the gender issue, the girl is the common idea of a perfect student because they are said to be quiet and obedient, but maybe the loud boy who’s fidgeting in his desk has the advantage when it comes to retention of knowledge and capacity to pay attention. More and more research is coming out that our societies idea of the perfect student needs to change. Students shouldn’t just sit all day absorbing information. They are people who need to move, need to explore to learn. Now lets play the race card, very few people don’t connects the “good” student to white culture. The black students are “too loud” or “not smart enough”, the Asian student is “too smart” and “quiet”, the first nation student wont graduate so why bother spending my precious time on them? Now most teachers don’t want to think like this, they don’t want to be racist. We all learn not to be racist, but we also learn from a young age all these racial stereotypes, hence why the white student is the “good” student.  My challenge to you is to give the other student a chance to be good before you put stereotype them, as hard as it may be don’t judge the student until you know the whole truth.

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