The God of the classroom

The teacher has all the power in the classroom. They decide what they are doing, when they do it, with who they do it, how long they have. They are the all powerful. Especially in the younger  grades the teacher is greatly respected and liked, hopefully. The teacher also gets to pick what they will learn according to the curricula. For each class the teacher must read through the curriculum and decide which outcomes and indicators are most important, prioritize them, figure out the order and timeline for each subject and figure out how they will measure their retention of the subject matter. The curriculum is not very strongly enforced, the administration of the school may check in periodically throughout the year, however they are not aware of the day to day routine in the classroom. And since there is not curriculum police, there is no one to ensure the students are learning what they are supposed to, except if a parent decides to look it up and read the whole document. The teacher is the all powerful person when it comes to the classroom, but that doesn’t mean the students have no power, a “good” teacher will give the students opportunity to make choices, but in theory the teacher is the god of the classroom.


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