Educate to stop racism towards First Nations in Saskatchewan

The drop out rate of first nations students in Saskatchewan is  52.6%, that means that this percentage of First Nations, Inuit of Metis heritage between 20 and 24 years old have not completed high school. Treaty education recently became mandatory in all subjects, there are so many resources available, and even people who would love to speak to a class  such as elders. What is so disheartening is the lack of response on the teachers part. Very few teachers do treaty education justice, due in large part to the fear of disrespecting the culture or fear of the students reactions. First nations students don’t want to go to school because the schools do not want to try to teach about their history, the history of Saskatchewan before the settlers, this is such an important topic in our province yet students are uneducated and the teachers don’t teach the topic so they never truly understand what the fist nations students and their families have had to go through. Most students in Regina schools probably don’t know the last residential school to close in Canada was closest to this city, and that it only closed in 1996, 19 years ago. This subject is extremely important for our students to be educated about, not only for the sake of knowing but also to be able to make the connections between the history and the current culture , especially on reserves. . This makes it an unsafe, and unwelcoming environment for the First nations, Inuit and Metis students in our classrooms. That’s why I love the saying “we are all treaty peoples”, because we all live on treaty land, our “people” signed the treaties therefore we are all treaty people. Treaty’s are not only for the First Nations but for all Canadians. If only more people believed this, maybe we would live in a slightly better world, with less racism and more understanding and mutual respect. One can dream, Can’t we?

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