Diversity, Individuality and Personal Growth

Curriculum is an important part of being a teacher. It is the material you need to help the children learn about, transfer some of your experiences and knowledge and it is the base of your whole class. However I hope to be able to take the curriculum and to twist is around a little and make it my own to make it as fun and educational as possible while helping all my students excel at their own rate but to help each student individually, because each person has a slightly different perspective especially when it comes to certain topics.  A fist nations student may be more engaged and excel in a native studies class, and a child of a biologist may have an edge or a different perspective in natural sciences. A big part of teaching, in my opinion is how your students are doing, always changing what you do to and what works best, one way of teaching may work for one subject very well, but be completely useless for another. Its all about trial and error. Individuality and diversity is important to me. these are my main focuses for my fist years of teaching, but also in my day to day life I am continuously working on myself.

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