Old school theory vs modern day students


The Tyler rationale is a very traditionalist way of thinking, in my opinion its an old school perspective. This rationale is broken down to four very repetitive parts; learning objectives, introduce useful learning experiences, organizing said experiences to have the strongest effect on the students and then finally evaluating and revising to see if they learned what was required. As you can see its a very simple way of thinking. The students have no input into their learning, the school chooses what you learn, how you learn it, where and by who.

The student is unable to feel like a person as it is an extremely limiting way of learning. For example, if the student were to become very intrigued by one of the subjects, too bad its time to move on. Or even worse if the students are having a hard time with a subject the teacher has a tough call to make, either they continue on with their organised year long plan or they continue to teach the troubling lessons until they are understood. the problem with that is it messes up the whole plan, you have to move things around and reorganize and reallocate time and efforts to make a new plan. 


I personally have experienced aspects of this rationale, but not to its fullest extent. Every teacher has objectives they wish to achieve and a plan and timeline to do so, however I was lucky enough that my teachers were all very personable and easy to sway should we wish to explore another subject or to pass by a subject more quickly. This may be because I have always had a smaller class size as I have been a French immersion student. This program is known for its smaller class sizes and its diverse subjects and ways of learning and teaching. 

The Tyler rationale has some benefits, in my opinion more so for the teacher than the students. The teacher can plan their whole year and stick to it, which is less work and time pulling your hair out trying to figure out what you want to do. It is also easier because you have already figured out your outcomes and how you wish to attain them. As well as how you wish to grade the student on their progress. The only real benefit I can’t think of in regards to the student is that your teacher should be quite organised so then hopefully the students have a routine or some level of organisation which is especially important with the younger children. 

I personally do not like nor do I agree with this rationale, but sadly it is still part of the way we teach and learn in our modern day society. Many think we have grown in our ways of thinking and doing things, but I must say that sadly this is extremely false, many bad theories are still used to this day, but I can say that this is not how I will teach. Just saying, I would rather be an active participant in my learning, I prefer to go with the flow and do what you need to do as time goes on. Not to say I wont have lesson plans and such, I will, but I want my student to be interested in what they are learning because in my opinion that is the only way for them to really retain the information. I remember my teacher in grade six sang this ridiculous song about imparfait, a French verb tense, and I still use it to this day. I do not want my students to learn something, write the test and then to forget about it BECAUSE THAT IS NOT EFFECTIVE!

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